Responsive online electronic catalog

Catalog publishers have the advantage of the latest in web and mobile interactivity when they choose Adair directFLIPBOOK.  As a supplement to printed catalogs or as a stand-alone electronic edition, the Adair solution is an animated page-turning presentation of rich graphic design documents typically prepared for print.

Conversion from PDF

Starting with a high resolution PDF file, customers can upload their documents to our team and have them converted quickly to the interactive format. directFLIPBOOK can be hosted on Adair severs with embed code placed on customer websites or the files can be hosted on customer web servers.


PDF files that contain internal or external links, such as table of contents or index pages or embedded URLS, will be automatically be made active during the directFLIPBOOK conversion process. Additional or custom links can be also be added during the e-publication creation process.

Multimedia content

directFLIPBOOK is also an excellent platform for the integration of multimedia and interactive content. Video, audio and other Web 2.0 features. such as commenting, geolocation data, social media sharing and forms submission can also be added. With the file download option enabled, users can retrieve a high resolution PDF for saving on local systems and output on local printing devices.

Ecommerce funcionality

Product SKUs can be automatically linked from within the directFLIPBOOK pages to existing website ecommerce technologies. Shopping cart and check out functions can also be activated directly within directFLIPBOOK documents. User accounts can be created with stored shipping address, order history and wish list preserved for subsequent logins.

Responsive design

directFLIPBOOK is based on the latest in responsive web design. The system detects the device and browser platform of users and intelligently delivers the e-catalog content in a manner that is optimized for the specific platform combination.

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