Digital printing

Digital products and services

From short run printing to custom solutions and web-to-print options, Adair Digital Print Services provide solutions for today’s changing marketplace.

High quality short run printing

We provide high quality short run printing on all types of books, catalogs, magazines, newsletters, photo books, books, annual reports, wedding, funeral & event programs, yearbooks and more.

Web-to-print (WTP)

Let us design a web portal to take care of all your print needs. As orders are placed, we will print and fulfill them. No need to pay stocking fees or scrap old materials, we will print the latest materials. Take control of your marketing materials.

Variable data printing (VDP)

Make every print piece unique and personalized with our variable data solutions. Include the right name or image to bring attention to the materials. We also provide support for Personal URLs (PURLS).

Print-on-demand (POD)

Stop throwing away old marketing materials. Only print and pay for what is required now. Investing in print materials that will sit on a shelf is not efficient. Changes in marketing strategy or the never seen before typo will render all that expended capitol wasted. POD keeps you and your materials up to date.

Integrated marketing programs

Adair offers turnkey cross-media Integrated Marketing Programs. These programs use print, e-mail and web based solutions simultaneously to maximize your marketing return on investment. Utilizing multiple media types for a common integrated marketing campaign can increase results tenfold. Using the internet to capture the results of your marketing campaign allows you to measure response rates and measure your return on investment as the program progresses.

Turnkey solutions

From web applications to composition-on-demand we provide turnkey solutions to automate any print/information process. These include custom management and reporting systems.