With directCONTENT, automotive aftermarket, other manufacturers and distributors can deploy a custom web-based portal for managing product specifications, images, multimedia assets and other important information.

Content-first model

directCONTENT is the heart of the Adair Graphic Communications content-first catalog marketing model. It is a set of tools for building and maintaining a central database of content that ensures all product information is consistent and up-to-date both internally and across marketing channels.

Automated publishing

Publishing to online, mobile and print media quickly is easy with integrated automation features. Product information can be delivered in total or in segments to markets and end users with the click of a button. Tailored to meet a wide range of needs, Adair’s directCONTENT provides an effective and economical approach that permits users to access and update data at any time, ensuring the information is always current.

Custom development 

Our development department will work with customer data and IT staff to make sure that the best tool set and solution is crafted. Creating the next generation of catalog solutions, Adair’s directCONTENT portal is responsive, easy to upgrade and easy to maintain.

Flexible input and ouput

Built to specific customer needs and requirements, the directCONTENT portal is both dynamic and flexible in terms of input and output. It can import and export a  variety of data formats. The system can be configured to accept digital photos, videos and numerous graphic file types. It also supports commonly used database formats, aftermarket industry specific formats such as PIES and ACES and custom structured database files.

Document management

directCONTENT can also be configured with document authoring and management features. Complex and compound documents with technical specifications, images and other dynamic content can be drafted and managed with this online portal. Version identification, revision workflow, final approval and distribution control are also available.

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