Product Tracking Made Easy

Adair has developed the Load Sheet Database (LSDB) system which tracks all the attributes of a single product or entire product line in an easy to use and efficient user interface. The LSDB allows the user to manage attributes for nearly any type of product. The LSDB allows the user to set standards, share and track attributes to ensure the best data quality. The system is designed to be the all inclusive repository for product attribute data.


The LSDB is a web-based system designed for the product teams who need to track the attributes of their products. The system allows multiple users to access and edit theApplication/Part Lookup data at the same time. Built in history tracking ensures
that if errors are made they can be reversed quickly.

Changes to products can be done one at a time or in bulk. Products can be assigned to specific users. User levels can be set to admin, editor or view only. This allows administrators to delegate changes to the system and allow others access without risking data integrity.

Tracking and follow-ups can be automated within the system. Users can be assigned a product line with data requirements. If these requirements are not met within a set timeframe the system can e-mail the user reminders that the requirement was not met. Management can also be included on these reminders.

The standard system allows users to import and export quickly and easily. The system includes user defined data rules to ensure that data meets your data format requirements. These checks are performed prior to data being committed to the database, decreasing error rates. The system is flexible and additional output formats can be added.

The system includes the ability to define filters and custom reports. The user may create these and then save them for future use.

The LSDB was designed to be used by Program Managers, Product Managers, Catalog/Data Managers and Sales personnel alike. User levels can be set per user and product allowing complete flexibility for viewing and updating.

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