With directWAREHOUSING, Adair offers its secure storage facilities in tandem with state-of-the-art online management tools to provide superior inventory control and on-time distribution of marketing and communications materials.

Save time, reduce cost

With online access to inventory and order placement through a single point of contact, directWAREHOUSING provides a more effective management of printed books, catalogs and directories, marketing collateral and promotional products. With up-to-date product information including inventory totals, per carton or per unit quantities and weights, marketing materials can be distributed or bulk shipped to save time and reduce costs.

Pick and pack

Customers depend today on getting materials delivered on time at the best cost and service-level combination. With directWAREHOUSING, inventory tracking, handling and shipping of marketing materials will be professionally managed by a trusted partner, Adair Graphic Communication, so customers can focus on their core business tasks.

Fulfillment with confirmation

Regardless of the destination, orders are typically released the same day and delivered in the most cost-effective manner possible. The online portal of directWAREHOUSING can be configured to send notifications when orders are staged and shipped from the Adair facilities.

Let Adair and directWAREHOUSING help you keep the business focus where it belongs, with costs contained and  logistics made easy.

Reports and analysis

directWAREHOUSING includes reporting and cost analysis tools that enable administrators to review activity and monitor inventory.

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