Glenn has been with Adair Graphic Communications for 17 years and is responsible for the information systems hardware and software that enable the company to function each day. He has more than 40 years of systems administration and data analysis experience and has extensive training in assorted networking and systems technologies including multiple IT certifications.

One of Glenn’s career highlights was his leading participation in the integration and implementation of an automated system for in-flight catering with the American Airlines Sabre Reservations system at over 30 locations around the US.

Glenn has studied both computer science and business management at Henry Ford Community College, Schoolcraft College and Wayne State University.

Glenn is long-time computer enthusiast having built a binary processor from parts including creating a custom circuit board as a teenager and he built his own computer from one of the first DIY kits in the early days of personal computers. In addition to being an avid Texas Holdem fan and player, Glenn volunteers his time and computer knowledge and rebuilt over 100 PCs for those in need.